Our services

  • IOT technical training, learn to build solutions
  • IOT executive training, geared for managers and government
    • Live demos
    • Workshops
    • Onsite training
  • Access to private networks
  • R&D services
  • Consulting services

List of available equipment

  • IoT Innovation Kits: SigFox Sense it (5 sensor) , IoT kit (15 sensors and actuators), Mobile IoT Kit (17 Sensors & Actuators), etc
  • IoT prototyping boards (Arduino Maker Fox, Raspberry Pi)
  • Commercial of the shelf IoT devices: Parking, Waste, Meters, Smart Pole controller, Temperature, Humidity, Accelerometers, Light Intensity, Power measurement, BLE Screens, etc.
  • Gateways for various wireless technologies: SigFox, BLE, LoRaWan.
  • IoT Platform: MasterOfThings IoT AEP.
  • Live demos for practical end-to-end use cases: Parking management, Waste management, Street lighting, indoor building lighting, building temperature & humidity management, etc.
  • Learning Macket: Smart City use cases macket.

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